Monday, September 15, 2014

Princess Frog, Owl and Stripes.

It's a cool day for playing on the playground.  Tillie's wearing a Mini-Boden applique tee(Tillie calls it a Princess Frog) with Gap jeans and pink Cons.

Bea is wearing an Old Navy jumper I bought at a garage sale for 20¢ when I was pregnant with Ted.  It's layered over a Carter's bodysuit.  Her shoes are Robeez that were Til's.

Crazy Ted can still wear this size 2 crewcuts hoody.  I love it on him, so there are some perks to him growing slowly!  His jeans are Gap and his shoes are TOMS.  Most of his non-Gap/crewcuts 2t pants are too short this fall, so I know he is growing a bit!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I bought Beatrix this Mini-Boden bird print dress at Nordstrom Rack last Spring when I was pregnant.  It's a 0-3m, and on all my other kids they wore Boden when they were a size bigger.  Well, I think this dress runs more true to size, as does Bea!  She's wearing it with Gap boots(from Tillie) and Gap Wonderland socks.  Tillie's wearing the Mini-Boden dress she wore last fall for our family pictures with the cutest socks from Gap.  They're some sort of animal, but we decided to call the Fox Socks, because that's just fun.  Her bow is Gap and her shoes are OshKosh.

Teddy's wearing a Mini-Boden snake tee over his Okaidi button-up.  His chinos are crewcuts and his shoes are TOMS.  I loved how Tillie and Bea coordinated today, but I think Ted's outfit was my favorite.  I'm so happy I get to dress them in layers again.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Yep, it's here.  I feel like I've spend this month talking about the weather, but it makes a big difference to what clothes they wear!

Tillie was excited to wear a new Naartjie outfit I got her at the outlet this summer.  They're both 6s, so it should fit for a while.  (Of course she came home with stains on the pants from the playgound... It's soaking, but I guess it's good I bought it as a school outfit!)  She was super-excited to wear her silver Circo cat shoes.  We bought the gray bow at DreamSpun on Tuesday to go with her school picture outfit.

Teddy ended up in longsleeves later, but this morning he picked out this crewcuts tee and I told him he had to wear his Gap jeans.  He picked the TOMS.  I don't know why he looks like he was crying.

Beatrix is wear a Gap  Baby Love chambray dress.  I'm glad it cooled off so she could wear it one more time.  We added the Gap Wonderland socks she wore home from the hospital and See Kai Run mary janes I got at a garage sale for $1!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last Warm Day?

The weather forecast after today looks very fall-like.  Beatix is wearing a Gymboree Daisy Giraffe romper I bought for 50¢ at a garage sale.  Her little clippie one I made 4 years ago for Tillie and it's a perfect match!

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts sequin heat tee, Lands' End skort and Circo shoes.  The skort was $1 at a garage sale and is perfect for school since it has bike shorts build in.  Also, the "HAPPY" on her tee, the skort and shoes are pretty much all the exact same color!  That's a fun match from three separate stores.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rounding Out The 0-3m

This was a dress Bea never wore this summer because it looked too fall-ish to me and super-wide.  I bought it at Gymboree last winter for $3 or less.  It's from the Sweetie Bird line.  It is wide, so it still works as a tunic with her Gap jeggings(3-6m) today.  I wish we would have gotten more wear out of it, but I didn't expect a baby that actually grew when she was suppose to!  The clippie was Tillie's first one.  I bought it at a craft show.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classy Girl, Frat Boy and Growing Baby

Tillie's outfit today was based on the fact that she wanted to wear her crewcuts cap-toed ballet flats.  She doesn't have much in her summer/early-fall wardrobe that goes with black, so this Gap Playtime Favorites dress was pretty much her only option.  We added the DreamSpun necklace she made to make it "fancy" for church. (For my non-Facebook/IG readers, Tillie tripped on our brick sidewalk yesterday.  That's what her scraped up face and knees are from.)

Teddy's wearing Old Navy shorts and polo with his new gray TOMS.  The shoes are a 7 and just a little too big, but wearable.  He wanted them over his gray Star Wars slip-ons, which are getting a little small.  I'd guess he's actually in a 6.5 at the moment.

Beatrix is wearing a 0-3m Beatrix Potter for Baby Gap dress that I really need to pack away.  I think packing away all the 0-3m clothes will be my job this week(maybe after I squeeze her into a few of the outfits once more...).  I layered it over a Gap(3-6m) Park House bodysuit that has a hedgehog on it!  I just needed the cream sleeves since it's a little cool this morning.  Tillie even asked for a cardigan after taking the picture outside before church.  That's a first there, friends.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Finally Summer?

Of course it's 80* all week with gross humidity the week everyone goes back to school.  I wish we could have spent time at the pool!  (Well, on the not rainy days.)

Beatrix is wearing a fall top made summery by pairing it with a ruffled diaper cover.  The top is Gap Boho that I bought when I was pregnant with Tillie.  It's 0-3m and I'm glad Bea got to wear it this "fall" before she outgrew it.  I might try to get it on her again next week with jeans when it cools off  The diaper cover is Gap Capri.

Tillie's wearing an Oilily dress I found at Once Upon a Child.  She LOVES it.  It's a pretty slim fit, but that works okay for her.  We were almost late for school and I didn't realize she looked like a punk in the pictures I took.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!

Tillie started real school today!  Thankfully it's only mornings so I don't lose her for the whole day yet.  I had ordered her a Next outfit during a sale this summer, but their 5-6 is too big for her.  It fits more like a 6, so if we don't find anything else better she might wear it for the first day of 1st Grade.  I found another shirt I liked, but Tillie didn't.  She loved this Next dress, so I spent a little more than I wanted(although I made my brother order it for me so I could get a "new customer" discount).  We're going to use it for our fall family pictures as well, so that helped justify it.

I couldn't believe it when I opened the package and saw an apple front and center.  It's like they knew they were sending it for the first day of school!  Her bow is from a boutique near Camp, her school are OshKosh(from last year) and her ruffle socks are crewcuts.

I bought her backpack 2 years ago from Pottery Barn Kids.  It was too big for her for preschool, so we saved it until now.  Luckily she still likes it and was excited to use it!  I'd like to get her a "monogrammed" name tag, but I haven't seen one I like at a price I want to pay.

She had a great first day.  She tried chocolate milk(didn't like it), got play on the WHOLE playground and had one girl friend from last year in her class and they got to sit together!  I think it's going to be a great year.

Monday, September 1, 2014


I know it's Labor Day and actually warm out, but the rain makes it feel cool.  Bea spit up on her cute summery clothes, so I put this Beatrix Potter for Baby Gap bodysuit with her new Gap 3-6m jeggings on.  I bought the bodysuit on super-clearnce in case I ever had a 'Beatrix'.  The jeggings were a sale purchase when there was an extra percentage off sale.  Most of Tillie's hand-me-down jeans are bootcut which just don't look right on Bea in 2014.  The headband is Carter's.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Practical Baby Wear

I'm dressing the kids in all the summer-summer clothes this week that would look a little strange(to me) after Labor Day.  I got Beatrix this Janie and Jack halter dress at Once Upon a Child.  Every baby needs a halter dress, no?