Friday, October 24, 2014

Gap Makes the Best Halloween Tees

They really didn't need them, but they were so cheap I couldn't resist.  Tillie's is a 5, and I'm hoping if I hang it to dry she'll be able to wear it next year too.  Ted's is a 3 and he'll probably be able to wear it for 2 more years.  They're both wearing Gap jeans.  Tillie's cat shoes are Circo and Teddy's wearing TOMS.  Til's cat ear headband is from the Target $1 Spot, but they're all sold out at my store now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birthday Redo

Today you can actually see the Naartjie fire truck shirt that Teddy wore at his birthday party.  Today he's wearing it with Gap skinny cords and navy TOMS.

On Teddy's birthday, Beatrix wore this Hanna Andersson dress.  Teddy thought it was funny that she was wearing cake on his birthday.  The dress was $1 from a Once Upon A Child sale.  The bloomers are also HA and are from a garage sale(or the thrift store).  She had been wearing dark pink See Kai Run mary janes, but I took them off by the time we took this picture.

She's outgrown her 3-6m Dear Grace and Parker bows, so most of her new ones are Inspired by Zoelle Olive.  While I really like the shape of the new bows, I don't really like the white elastic.  I had requested beige elastic if she didn't have a good elastic color match, but it seems like she just ignored that. I know most baby headbands are just white like this, but since I've had so many colored elastic ones from Dear Grace & Parker, I'm used to that look and the white looks cheap. (And, well, they were cheaper.  I guess you get what you pay for!)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creams and Browns

Today's clothes were centered on the fact that I wanted Teddy to wear this Janie & Jack button-up I found at Goodwill last week.  99 cents!  He's wearing it with crewcuts chinos and brown Cons.  He really needs some more size 7 shoes; these 6s were a bit tricky to get on.  Tillie is wearing a dress I got at a Polka Dot Pearl sale with a crewcuts cardigan and shoes.  The cardigan isn't my favorite with this dress, but it was the only one that worked color-wise.

Beatrix didn't have anything that coordinated awesomely with them, but I thought this Janie & Jack dress and Gap Country Cool bodysuit were  pretty good.  I think this will probably be the last time she can wear that camel 3-6m Dear Grace and Parker bow.  It's leaving a indent on her head now.  It was my favorite and looks so cute with these Gap Country Cool shoes!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Girls Morning Out

Tillie-Tils and I got to go to a baby shower at church this morning for a mom of new twin boys!  I decided that called for some cute dressing for both of us.  There's no picture of me, but you can just imagine me looking awesome.

Tillie's wearing a Next tunic.  It's size 5-6 and you can see by the sleeves that it's a little big.  It will still fit next year, but she'll probably have to wear leggings with it then.

She loves her Gap apple boots and I'm pretty fond of her lace knee highs.  I ordered these from eBay for cheap.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Golden Girl

With Bea's outfit you get a sneak peek of what she wore for our family pictures last week.  I adore this Gap Primary School dress.  I layered a Gap Fall Field Guide peter pan collar bodysuit under it.  The tights are Gymboree I got super-cheap last winter.  The Gap Country Cool shoes I had seen a sneak of and was hoping to get them for the pictures.  When they finally popped up online I immediately went to order them.  They were set to ship the 6th.  Our pictures were scheduled for the 8th.  I crossed my fingers and ordered them anyway.  Two days later they shipped!  The shoes are a great match to her Dear Grace and Parker camel bow.

Anyway, don't I have the cutest baby?

Tillie wore her Dreamspun dress.  I did end up getting her gray boots.  Kohl's keeps sending me $10 coupons because they recently remodeled our store, so I got these Jumping Beans ones for under $10.  The back of the neck of the dress has a gray bow, so I like how that is mimicked on the boots(and in her hair).

Teddy is wearing a Gap patterned button-up, Janie & Jack cardigan, crewcuts chinos an TOMS.  Hooray for brand mixing.  I think these pants might be too short soon. (p.s. That sweater is size 12-18m.    They have crazy sweater sizing.)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

2t Fits!

Size 2 finally fits Ted the way I like it.  Only took him a year!  He had his check-up this week and he's about 15% for height and weight.  He's wearing a crewcuts hoodie and Gap skinny jeans with TOMS.

I try to take Bea's pictures right away in the morning before her first bottle so I can get a picture before she spits up on her outfit.  However, the lighting at 7:15am isn't the best. She's wearing a Gap Highlander dress and leggings set I bought at a garage sale.  She's wearing a new headband from Inspired by Zoelle Olive on Etsy.  Her shoes are Gap Country Cool I just bought for our family pictures.  Now that pictures are done we can start wearing those outfits and pieces without worrying about them getting ruined!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My kids love superheroes.  When I found this Gap JunkFood Spiderman shirt at a JBF sale I knew Ted would flip.  It was $1.50 which made it easier to relent on my no loose "no licensed shirts" rule.  And, it's Gap -- maybe it doesn't count?  His jeans are 77Kids and his shoes are TOMS.  Obviously he had to pose with his new Spiderman scooter.

Tillie is wearing a crewcuts top(that I still adore!) with Gap skinny jeans and TOMS mary janes.

Beatrix is wearing hand-me-down Gap overalls from Tillie.  My mom bought them at a garage sale when Til was a baby.  Unfortunately I waited too long for Bea to wear them and they're too short on her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stargyle and Flowers

It's so much easier to take outfit pictures now that Beatrix can sit.  Today she's wearing a Kicky Pants outfit I got at a garage sale, Robeez and a Dear Grace & Parker headband.

Teddy's wearing an H&M Stargyle cardigan, crewcuts polo and Gap jeans.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Church

Here's my sweet Bea in a Carter's dress and cardigan my mom bought for Tillie when she was little.  The Gap Chelsea boots were Tillie's too, but the ruffle socks are all Bea's.

Tillie's wearing a Gap Elysian Fields sweater dress, Gymboree knee socks and Circo cat shoes.  I wish her socks had been navy so this outfit didn't look so "Go-Go", but she was happy.  The headband kept falling off this time, so once we got to church I just put the navy clip in.

Teddy's wearing an H&M button-up with blue Gap cords.  I bought the pants on super-clearance awhile ago.  I wish I had them in another color or two because they fit him really well.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Party Time!

We had Teddy's birthday party tonight.  We were too busy have a good time to get good outfit pictures, but here's a small peek.

Teddy wore a Naartjie fire truck shirt and Gap jeans.

Beatrix and Tillie wore the same Naartjie dress in different colorways and Gap skinny jeans.