Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Birds

I'm just going to pretend it's not negative temperatures on our way to school.  Bring on the pastels and little bird cages!  I love this little Gap Wayfarer top on Bea.  I found it on clearance and when I was sorting the 6-12m clothes I realized it's from the same line as a cardigan my aunt gave me as a baby presents.  Score!  Her jeans are also Gap, her shoes are Livie & Luca and her headband is Inspired by Zoelle Olive.  If only my pretending were real and she could wear the top with just some ruffle bloomers!

My little Ted is becoming quite the model.  He chose this pose himself.  His tee is crewcuts and his skinny jeans are Carter's.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sweet Pink Dress

I bought this Gymboree Holiday Teddy Bears dress when I was pregnant with Teddy.  Well he never wore it.  It's a 12-18m, so I thought it would be okay on Bea and probably wouldn't fit next summer.  I think the pink is a little too pale for her, but it is such a sweet dress.

Tillie's wearing a Maeli Rose sweater and a crewcuts tutu skirt.  She's posting kind of weird, but it really was cute together.

Teddy's wearing a Rabbit Moon button-up and Gap cords.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pops of Neon Orange

Yeah, I know.  It's a pretty weird color to tie my kids outfits together with, but that's the way we roll in never-ending winter.

Teddy's wearing two crewcuts tees and Gap jeans.  I just love the model airplane tee layered over the blue-long sleeved one.

I don't know if Tim was just agreeing with me because he knew I wanted him to or not, but we're both sad that I won't be able to get matching Naartjie for the girls anymore.  Their bows are Dear Grace & Parker

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Romper to Layering Tank

I bought Beatrix this Tea romper at OUAC for $1.  It's 6-12 months and if she had grown like Teddy I could have gotten it on her in June at least!

Instead, I layered a Janie & Jack cardigan and Gap jeans over it.

Tillie's worn this outfit many times before(I love it more than she does though), but I think that the cardigan may need to be packed away soon.  Her jeans are H&M and will definitely be too short before her birthday.  Time to look for some H&M coupon codes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random Wednesday

Today Bea's wearing a Gymboree Happy Hedgehog fall dress, but it was too big last fall. Kizie gave it to her. The striped BabyLegs are technically all the right colors, but I don't really love the styles together. It was too cold for just tights, so she had to go layered.

Teddy's wearing a crewcuts tee and Gap skinny jeans.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just For Fun

This morning I just couldn't deal with winter clothes, so I pulled out this Georgia Grace top.  It's a 6m, but seemed really wide so I wondered if it still fit.  It does! Just, but it worked with Gap jeans this morning.  (Until she spilled something all over it and I had to change her.)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Auntie Hand-Me-Downs

My college roommate bought this dress in Spain when we got our referral for Kizie.  Kiz let me borrow it for pictures of Tillie and now again for Beatrix.  I dressed her in all the same accessories that Til wore.

I *think* it would still fit Beatrix at Easter, but just in case I wanted to take them now.  When you look at the pictures of Tillie you can see that even though Bea's hair is light, it's a lot darker than Tillie's!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 7 - Happy Valentine's Day!

We hadn't planned on going anywhere today, but with a split second decision to go to Horrocks meant as many layers as I could put on them.

Tillie: Gap cardigan, Target "Bee Mine" tee, Cherokee tutu, Circo leggings, DreamSpun bow
Beatrix: Janie & Jack cardigan, Target "Bee Mine" tee, Gymboree Nice Kitty tutu, Circo leggings, Robeez, Inspired by Olive Zoelle headband
Teddy: Gap tee and jeans

Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 6

Look at this guy.  So freaking cute.

He's wearing a Gap striped v-neck tee(OUAC), Carter's gray skinny jeans(that are 3t and are actually skinny on him!) and TOMS.

And, my sweet girls on Galentine's Day.

My mom bought them the Carter's heart tees last year when I was still pregnant.  Tillie's wearing hers with a Hanna Andersson skirt and Circo tights and shoes.  She started out with this bow, but switched it out when she saw I had another one that was the same as Bea's.

Bebe is wearing her tee over a white Gap Peter Pan collared dress.  Her polka dotted socks are Gap(and I think navy dots, but I didn't have time to find anything else... They're dark!) and Gymboree shoes with a Carter's bow.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 5

I love these Old Navy dresses.  Tillie's wearing hers with Gap skinny jeans.  Bea wore matching Old Navy heart tights when we went to Costco.

Teddy's GQ pose is all his own. (Even though this pic is blurry I had to choose it.)  He's wearing a Carter's tee with Gap Playtime Favorites striped pants.  He wore red and navy striped socks with his TOMS to Costco.