Thursday, April 23, 2015

Layers, still.

For garage saling today, Bebe is wearing a Tea Collection dress(OUAC), Gap jeans and Robeez.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Little Birthday Girl Takes Chicago!

We're not falling into the third kid gets screwed on parties over here!  This little girl got to go to the American Girl store.  The kids didn't want to do much shopping after we bought their toys, but I made a quick stop to take these cute pictures of my girl.

She's wearing a Beatrix Potter for babyGap dress that my cousin gave her, Dear Grace & Parker party hat and Payless shoes.

Tillie wore a DreamSpun dress and Adorable Essentials ruffle pants.  Teddy wore Carter's skinny jeans and a Gap tee.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Birthday Party Girls!

We had a shared party for the girls tonight.  I didn't get great pictures of the outfits, but we had a lot of fun.

Bebe's birthday outfit is a Mini-Boden dress I bought with a voucher a friend gave me.  Her Dear Grace & Parker party hat was from a sale last December.  I love the hat so much.

Tillie kind of wanted to wear a bunny dress as well, so I went up to the attic to see if her 3-4 Mini-Boden dress still fit.  It did!  I was kind of shocked.  It's not even too tight around the arms.

Not to be left out, Teddy wore his Gap "Bunny Dog" shirt.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Peter Pan Collars

Look at this sweet girl.  Can you believe she'll be 1 in a week and a day?!  I bought this Lands' End romper at a garage sale when I was pregnant with Teddy.  I'm a sucker for peter pan collars.  It's 6-12m and I have no hope of it fitting Beatrix this summer, but today it's suppose to be 68*, even if it is raining and storming.  We're staying home, so she'll be fine.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It wasn't really warm enough for dresses and shorties, but we were going to see flowers and figured the car and greenhouse would be warm enough -- and they were.
Sisters in matching dresses.  I've been dreaming about this since I found out Beatrix was a girl.  Bea is wearing the Matilda Jane Wendy dress my mom bought for Tillie when she was this age.  Tillie is wearing a size 4 that I bought on Craigslist a couple years ago.  It's getting too short, but it works with shorties and I wasn't going to miss an opportunity for matching Matilda Jane!  Tille's shorties are DreamSpun and you can't see Beatrix's blue dotted Tea leggings.

Not to be left out, Teddy is dressed in Mighty Acorns(Matilda Jane's old boy line).  I found the tee at Village Kids last year and the jacket was Tillie's when she was little. He's 3 going on 15 in this picture and it kills me.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


I love how my little trio's outfits came together this year.

They weren't thrilled to take pictures outside before church, but they still look adorable.  I bought Beatrix's outfit first, before she was born for $3.  It seemed perfect and Eastery, so I decided to find clothes for the others to coordinate. (Her shoes ans socks are what Tillie wore for her first Easter.)

Tillie's wearing an Eleanor Rose dress.  When they posted the sneak I thought it would be perfect because it has similar colors and a similar cut to Bea's dress.  I would have had her wear white flats, but she didn't have any and I didn't want to buy shoes to wear once, so Salt-Waters it is!

I took the girls' dresses with me to Carter's to pick out a shirt for Teddy.  I first had thought green, but it didn't match at all.  I picked this button-up because there are blue flowers on Beatrix's dress and the pink stripe in the shirt is the same as both of the dresses.  I bought the Urban Sunday suspenders half off at Horrock's after Christmas and he Gap chinos I picked up on clearance a year ago.  Teddy requested the hat at Carter's and I couldn't say no.  I'm really glad I got it.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

This Baby.

This baby?  She's just the best.

Even when she's annoying and whiny.  I can't even believe that she'll be 1 in two weeks.  Today she's wearing a Giggle Moon outfit I found at Once Upon a Child.  I don't know it will still fit this summer, so I layered a Cherokee bodysuit under it to make it almost seasonally appropriate.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring-y Sunshine!

The weather today was just lovely and we celebrated with some spring outfits.

Teddy adores this Gap tee.  Tillie decided to call it a "Bog" for Bunny-Dog.  Teddy just hops all over when he's wearing it.  I knew he'd be spending a lot of time outside, so I pulled out his jeans that already have a hole.  His 2t jeans are starting to get too short.

Tillie's wearing a Gap bird tee with Gap jeans and an Okaïdi cardigan.

Beatrix started out in her Gap Wayfarer top and cardigan, but by lunch she needed a new outfit.  I pulled out this Gap Gypsy body-double and jeans.  Her 6-12m jeans are getting too short.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sweet Little Flowers

I decided to try this 6m Georgia Grace top on to see if it would still fit.  It was ginormous last summer, so I thought there was a good chance.  It's getting pretty small, so it won't work this summer, but at least she can wear it now!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday!

Beatrix is wearing the Carter's Dress Tillie wore for her first Palm Sunday.

Teddy's wearing a Rabbit Moon button-up, Crazy 8 tie, Gap chinos and TOMS.  It was important for me to include BabySam in this picture because he is also wearing a tie.

Tillie's wearing a Matilda Jane dress I found at Once Upon a Child. (Symon's General Store dress from the Good Hart line)  It's still too cold for short sleeves, so she opted for an Old Navy tee and Gymboree leggings under it.  (The other options were a cardigan and tights.)  Emmie needed to be in the picture because she is also wearing a dress with leggings.