Thursday, July 22, 2010

Homemade Goodness

I made Tillie this skirt early this spring.  I got the fabric super-cheap.  Probably because it's kind of ugly.  I think it falls into the "so ugly it's cute" category.  I love it.  (Which is good, because I bought 3 yards...)  The yellow Goody clip is a perfect match to the yellow grosgrain ribbon trim.  The T-shirt is from H&M.  I haven't washed it yet so I hope it shrinks up a little in length.  Ki gave Tillie these Circo Mary Janes for Christmas last year.  I really wasn't sure what shoes to put with this and these are perfect fit.  (Well, they're a little big, but you know what I mean!)
p.s. Blogger won't let me use '&' in tags so HM means H&M.

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