Saturday, September 25, 2010

ArtPrize Afternoon

It was a high of 61* today, and we spent most of the afternoon outside enjoying ArtPrize.  While she was walking around I noticed how short these 12-18m jeans are on her.  I guess I should have bought the Dapper Snappers when they were on babysteals last week.

The cardigan my mom got at Gymboree on clerance late this winter.  It's from the Super Star line.  The bodysuit is Carter's.  I did have the cardigan unbuttoned, but Tillie though spitting out her Ella's Kitchen 'the red one' would be a good idea.  Jeans are Old Navy and I'm glad I have a pair in 18-24 too.  (I bought both sizes to see which fit better and then lost the receipt.)  Her clip I got on Etsy from Greeley's Boutique.  The woman who makes them lives in Rockford!  Shoes are Umi and socks are Gap.  How's that for brand mixing!  (Tim likes to joke when he's dressing Tillie, which shoes do you want, the Umis?  Just because 3 pairs are Umis...)

Tillie had a great time.

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