Monday, September 27, 2010


I bought this Gap dress on Saturday at a mom to mom sale.  It's 12-18 month and she really didn't need it.  But, Saturday was half off day and it was only $1.  I couldn't resist.  My mom and I almost bought a dress like this for Kizie, but it would have fit her in the wrong season so we didn't.

After I washed this dress and hung it out to dry in the sun*, I checked the tag to see what year it's from.
2000.  It's probably the very dress we looked at for Kizie, because I'm pretty sure we were shopping at the outlet.  Tillie wore it with Gap eyelet socks and the super-cute red Umi Cuddles.  I love these shoes.  See how the sole is turned up on the toe?  Perfect for a beginner walker who scuffs the toes of all her other shoes.

*The sun has amazing bleaching properties.  The collar was a little yellowed and now it's white again.

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Rebecca: said...

This was the same dress I think that Asha wore for her baptism.