Friday, October 1, 2010

Yesterday's Pigtails

It's been a lazy morning at our house.  We've done the dishes, but that's about all.  I picked this skirt up for Tillie from the 1/2 price day of the mom to mom sale for 50¢.  It's Joe brand, which I've never heard of.  It's also sized weird, this is "1 year".  I don't know what that's suppose to mean, but she's wearing a cloth diaper and it fits with no problem.  I didn't have a specific top in mind, but it's pretty cute with this white bodysuit.  I have some other tops I might try it with later.  Tillie added her pearls.  She really does wear them often.

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Daniela said...

Joe brand is sold at grocery stores in Canada. They make amazing gap, J&J, gymboree etc copies