Friday, November 5, 2010


I should be of no surprise to you that I love owls.  It's not just a recent thing because they're trendy now.  I had an owl lamp in my dorm room.  Yeah.  I'm cool.  It was only on loan though, so it's no longer in my possession.

Yesterday I popped in to Gymboree because their Circle of Friends sale is going on.  I picked up one outfit for Tillie that she can wear now.  I know.  It's strange, but she really doesn't have many regular day clothes that should fit this winter.  Dresses, pajamas, and spring clothes she's great in 18-24m, but not in just everyday fall/winter clothes.  I don't think Tim believes me in this, but it's true.

This shirt and leggings set is from the Fall Homecoming line. The clippie is from Gumballs and Overalls in Rockford, but I can't remember who made it.

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aahudgins said...

Are you interested in selling the fall homecoming shirt?