Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Shoes

I have a pair of green Kate Spade loafers that I adore.  I bought them at Marshall Field's for 75% off before I was married.  It was a still a lot of money to spend, but I've never regretted it.  I certainly wouldn't be able to do that now!

When I saw these green TrumpetteToo shoes at Target (also at 75% off!) I knew Tillie had to have them.  The best part is that Tillie adores them too.  When I got them out of the closet Saturday night she started signing and saying "Shoe!"  This morning she said "Gee shoe!", but I suspect that's because I said, "Do you want to wear your green shoes today?"

Her shirt is Carter's, skirt Gap and leggings are Hanna Andersson.

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