Friday, January 14, 2011

Mall Day

We had two things to find at the mall today -- a new Valentine's dress and some longer jeans.  Look how short these 18-24m jeans are on her!  The green shirt is  from Gap's Indigo line.  It says "Sunshine makes little flowers grow."  The pink bodysuit underneath is from Gap's Playtime favorites(I think.)  The jeans are Old Navy.

We found jeans at Old Navy(40% off sale!) and a red dress and tights at Gap(40% off your entire purchase with an e-mail!)  Plus, I got Tillie the Melissa and Doug doughnut set for 70% off at a store that is going out of business.  We had a good time.


Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

We've got the opposite problem with pants for Margaret. Anything that fits around her enormous tummy has to be rolled two or three times in the legs.

Can't wait to see Tillie's Valentine's dress. I got Margaret's Valentine's tights today, too.

Amber Lynn said...

That's the problem we had with Kizie and pants. It's hard.