Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

I bought Tillie this Matilda Jane Art Fair knot dress and Dusty Blue Velour ruffle pants at a garage sale last week.  It wouldn't have been my first pick, I tend to gravitate towards brighter colors, but with the price it was I couldn't pass it up.  It's a good thing, because the muted colors actually suit her.

I didn't know if we'd get to wear this outfit until fall, but the rain this morning brought some pretty cool temps.  The pants looked snugly and that's how my girl has been feeling today.  Curled up in my lap with a blanket and her nuk is where she wants to be.


Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

Ok, what's the deal with your yard sales ever having awesome designer clothes? Even in my most devoted yard saleing days, I've never seen anything but Circo and Faded Glory around here. Carters is a special find. Jealous.

Amber Lynn said...

I go to A LOT of garage sales. I also have searches out on craigslist for Matilda Jane, Mini-Boden, Janie and Jack and Hanna Andersson.

I see my share of Faded Glory and Circo. Carter's is pretty prevalent too, but we have an outlet locally.