Saturday, July 9, 2011

Orange Dress

When Tillie was born our friend Shanda(and family) gave her this dress saying that she would need some camp dresses.  Today is another warm day so I thought it would be perfect to pull out this dress.


Cohrs Compilations said...

cute dress! love the colors! Is this the same Shanda that worked at camp 15 or so years ago when I was a camper? Loved her! I think I had her twice, she was one of my favorite counselors!

Amber Lynn said...

It is! Orange is her favorite color. :)

shanda said...

That's amazing--that someone remembers me (Loved being a camp counselor!) and that you remember we gave you this dress. Penny is wearing the orange dress that you gave to Noel when she was born. CRAZY! Hope Tillie was able to stay cool. . . she certainly looks cool.