Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Falling For You

I bought Teddy this Gap outfit at a garage sale thinking the 0-3m would be perfect for this fall.  It's still a little big, but finally looks okay on him(especially in this picture.  I promise it's actually a little big).  Teddy's growing a lot faster than Tillie did, at least he looks healthier, but newborn clothes(non-one-piece) still fit him best at 7 weeks.  I'm baffled by people who say you don't need newborn clothes at all because they get worn for a few days before they're outgrown.  I'm eager to find out what he weighs at his doctor's appointment on the 5th.

Luckily, I only paid 75¢ for it.  I'd feel weird putting this on him after Thanksgiving.  Yes, I know I have weird clothing rules.


Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

Margaret was like that, too. She was in newborn size for a good 2 months or so. It freaked me out when James outgrew newborn by 2 weeks old. I'm a little bummed he won't get around to some of the cute newborn outfits I bought this summer.

Cohrs Compilations said...

Around the house after thanksgiving would work...it will remind you of your wonderful thanksgiving! I put a Halloween shirt on Logan yesterday morning because it was one of his few long sleeve shirts that fit.i liked those gap onesies with the regular waistline when I went also, but they didn't have them in his size.

Cohrs Compilations said...

I am curious to hear his weight also! Logan only fit newborn for 2 weeks but that's because he was 9 lbs. and I'm sure hitting the 10 lb mark when I switched his clothes.