Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas, Again

My friend Laura asked to borrow Tillie's Hanna Andersson sweater dress from last Christmas to see if it would fit for some family pictures they were having.  It didn't work out, so she bought it back to me last week.  When I got it back I looked at it, looked at Tillie and thought maybe it would still fit her.  It did!  I don't think the tights would fit and it's a little short, but it's darling over denim.  I'll post it on here when I get a good picture of her wearing it.

Since that dress still fit, I decided to pull out her striped playdress to see how it looked on.  This one shows its size a little more, but I don't think it's too small to wear.  The sleeves and skirt are a little short and I think if we were going out I'd put black leggings and boots with it.  Still, it's a comfy outfit that she loves.  I love getting more wears out of a cute outfit!

Earlier this week when she was wearing a striped outfit I told her, "Stripes like a zebra!"  She replied, "No!  A tiger!"  So, today when I dressed her I said, "Stripes like a tiger!"  I didn't expect her to say, "No!  A stripe princess dress!"

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