Saturday, January 7, 2012

Comfy Cotton

We ran a few errands this morning, but it will mostly be a stay-at-home day today.  (At least that's the current plan!)

Teddy is wearing a Zutano outfit I bought at a garage sale this summer for about $2 or so.  It's a 0-6month size, but it fits pretty well.  If I were cloth diapering him already the pants would be a great fit over them.  Patterned pants and a solid top?  Not a look I could pull off.  It looks super-cute on our little Tedster though!

Tillie is also rocking some stripes today.  This Hanna Andersson dress is from Costco last year.  I correctly predicted that a 2.5-3 year old would be in love with the colors and twirl of this dress.  "Mama!  It's a rainbow 'pincess' dress!"

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