Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day

First real snow fall of the year and it's a snow day for Tim!  While he was snow blowing the driveway I got the kids all suited up in their snow gear.

Tillie is wear a Gap Warmest Coat from last year.  I bought a 3t so she could wear it for 2 years.  I had tried the 2t on her last year and it wasn't ridiculous, so I thought it would work out.  It was about $22 on clearance.  Not too bad for a down coat she'll wear for a while.  The snowpants are Circo and I got them on clearance for $6.50.  The Carter's boots were a hand-me-down from her cousin.  The mittens are Gap Aviator.  The hat is from Old Navy this year.  I know I got them on sale, I just don't remember how much -- it wasn't too long after Teddy was born.  Sleep deprivation...

I bought Teddy's fleece outfit last year too.  It's from Gap's Sun Valley line.  I figured brown would work for boy or girl and it was just so cozy!  His hat is from Old Navy.  It matches Tillie.

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