Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Camper and a Sweet Girl

Teddy's wearing another Gymboree Wilderness Club shirt today.  I suspect I will be looking for more of this line at garage sales and consignment sales this year.  It's cute with his little Gap jeans.

Yesterday I went shopping with the kids in Chicago to go to a couple stores we don't have in Grand Rapids.  And, to have dinner with my college roommate and her family.  Tillie asked this morning, "Robin's house?  Please!"  She did not appreciate my answer of "no".

I found this sweet little sleeveless dress at H&M-- only $4.95.  There were some polka dot and striped versions, but I'm a sucker for the screen print peter-pan collar and buttons.

The crewcuts Caroline cardigan is quite possibly the perfect cardigan.  Light-weight, but substantial, sweet buttons and a great length.  I predict many more of these to make an appearance in Tillie's closet.

The dress is size 2-4 and the cardigan is size 3.

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