Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I had planned on my kids wearing Mini-Boden applique tees today.  Teddy's green tee even had an orange tractor on it.  Then the forecast said 80*.

I dug in Tillie's 3t bin for this summer and found this Gymboree Palm Beach Paradise set.  It's too big, but it's the right color!  I should have dug in the 2t bin, but that's in the attic and I didn't feel like going up there.  She was happy about the green alligator.  I bought it cheap last summer; I think with gymbucks.  The Ecco sandals were cheap at a consignment sale recently.  I thought they'd be great play shoes.  The will, when her feet grow...
She's yelling, "Surprise!"

Teddy is wearing a Camp romper that they gave us when Tillie was born.  It's 3-6 months, and it never really fit Tillie when it was hot.  Luckily we had this random heat wave so Teddy got a chance to wear it.

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