Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Fun

Tillie wore a Matilda Jane Violet + Ellie top with eyelet pants I made to church today.  I got the top for a steal at a garage sale.  When I was getting her dressed she asked me, "Mommy, where these pants come from?"  When I told her that I made them she said, "Oh, they not from J. Crew?".  She said this with great disdain.  But, later in the afternoon she asked for a Target dress, so I guess she's not a total label snob.  I honestly don't tell her where her clothes are from, but she did come with me to J. Crew to try a few things on last week.

I bought her this crewcuts bathing suit during a sale this spring.  She's wearing it with Circo flip-flops that I got for $1.74 at the end of last summer.

Immediately after getting her suit on and getting out by Uncle Philip's pool she requested sunglasses(the new heart ones from the Gap).  After I ran out to the car to get them she reminded me that she "needed lotion."  After another trip to the car for me she was ready for an afternoon of pool fun.

Teddy wore and Old Navy rash guard(bought on clearance last October) and babyGap swim trunks(bought at a garage sale this spring).  I'm really glad I picked up this 3-6 month size suit for him.  It was only about $1 and I just couldn't resist it.  Who would have thought he would still be able to wear it a 8.5 months?!

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