Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Teddy has worn his Gymboree Wilderness Club backpack tee a number of times now.  It's 3-6m and the sleeves are getting a little short.  A month ago I found the same shirt in 3t for him.  It was a steal and too perfect for a son of Tim's.  As I was packing it away I thought, "Hey!  Tillie wears 3t right now."  It went in her suitcase for Camp.  Of course, it's been about a bajillion degrees for most of our time here.  This morning was deliciously cool so I pulled out their matching shirts.  Teddy is wearing Old Navy shorts and Tillie has a crewcuts chambray skirt to "girly" it up.

Tillie's also wearing new to us Livie and Luca shoes.  I had admired them on an online facebook page, but a friend of mine posted for them first.  When I stopped at her house to buy some boots for Tillie she offered to sell them to me since they wouldn't fit her girls for a while.  Tillie LOVES them.  She asked to put them on the minute she saw them and has worn them constantly since.  Perfect for $4.
Tillie did not want to model this morning. 

Other find on facebook -- a new water table for $15.

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Cohrs Compilations said...

They really look like they are wearing backpacks!