Monday, July 30, 2012

Dogs in Sunglasses and Bears in Tents

Teddy's worn this Gap Galicia romper a couple of times, but I've never gotten a picture before.  It's 6-12m, but I think it runs big.  (And that's not just because my kid is small!)  See, Teddy's suspicious about the sizing too.

This crewcuts dog tee is getting a little small(size 2), but Tillie still loves it so we haven't packed it away.
(It's also not quite as small as it looks in this picture.)  I just got her this crewcuts ruffle skirt(size 3) and I think it runs a little big too.  We'll get a couple of years out of it I predict.  Thankfully, the drawstring is functioning so it's just a little long on her.  When I told her to get her sandals this morning she came back with her pink Primigis.  "See, Mom, they match!" I've trained her well.

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