Monday, July 2, 2012

Gingham and Plaid

Tillie's wearing her Strawberry Farm gingham top with Jumping Bean bermudas today.  The strawberry clip is by My Little Pixies.  She later added her strawberry Tevas.  It's a theme, you see.

Teddy is wearing an Okedoke romper with a nautical theme.  I have no idea where this brand is sold.  I got it at a garage sale last summer.  All of the clothes were a quarter each, or 5 for a $1.  I managed to find 10 things for a steal of a deal.  Some were for if I had a girl and some boy.  I don't even remember what all of the items were except for a girl pair of Gymboree denim overalls and a white Circo sunhat.


Cara said...

I think it's from JCPenney

Amber Lynn said...

Ah, that does sound familiar. I think Kiz had a couple things from there.