Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Tillie wore a Gymboree 4th of July outfit to the parade in Dorr this morning.  I bought it on sale last summer and I think I used Gymbucks. (The shorts are actually Cape Cod Cutie.)

The straps kept falling of her shoulders when I was braiding her hair and I knew she would be annoyed all morning.  So, I found some red grosgrain ribbon in the basement and tied the straps together.

Teddy's wearing an Old Navy plaid romper and hat that I bought years ago for my cousin when she was pregnant.  We all knew she was having a boy who would be named Jordan Michael.  Well, when that baby was born we were all shocked to meet a Haley!  I worked at Old Navy at the time and had bought it with my employee discount so it wasn't returnable.  No other baby boys were born at quite the right time for this size summer outfit.  How awesome that it was the right size for Teddy this year!  I still love it.

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