Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm a sucker for sailboats.

Tillie wore this GymboreeCote D'Azure top last year on the 4th of July and to Coast Guard Festival.  It's size 18-24m, but I think it still works.  I just couldn't resist slipping it on her again after I found a romper from the same line on eBay for Teddy.  Tillie's wearing Jumping Bean bermudas.  They're from last summer and are 2t, but since she has underwear on instead of a diaper they still work.  I bought her this red Salt-Water Sweethearts on eBay, too.  They go with her 1st day of school outfit, so that's how I justified them.  (Her dress was only 50¢; hooray for Gap rewards!  You'll see that post in September.)
Teddy did not want to stand by the coloum, but I needed him standing so you could see the sail boat!  Tillie's outfit looks a little too small in this picture, but it didn't really seem that way in real life.

I've been saving Teddy's romper for Coast Guard, but now they're going to have to wear these once a week.  For sure when we got to Big Star Lake/Ludington.  They're so freakin' cute when coordinated. (And always.)  Why doesn't Gymboree make anything this cute anymore!?
 They weren't really willing to pose for me today.

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