Thursday, September 6, 2012

Practice Preschool

I was torn when I got Tillie's preschool mailing.  I knew that the 11th was the first day of Preschool, but I didn't know about the visiting day on the 6th when I was buying her "1st Day of Preschool Outfit".  You know, the important one?  Should she wear that outfit on the day when I leave her by herself, or the day when she gets her first one-hour-long-with-mom-there taste of school.

In the end, I saved her new outfit for the 11th.  So, for preschool visiting day she wore her Mini-Boden HotchPotch dress, crewcuts necklace, white Salt Water sandals, and Skip Hop owl bacpack.

We even did the practice 1st day of school pictures.

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