Sunday, October 7, 2012


Teddy is wearing a Janie & Jack Little Acorn romper today.  I bought it when I was pregnant with Tillie and she actually wore it for a couple hours on her 1st Thanksgiving.  I don't have any pictures of her in it though, it was too big for her that first fall.  I just think it's so sweet and darling.  Of course, anything with an acorn is a huge hit over here.  His socks are "boot socks" from Old Navy.  They came in 6 packs and I bought the 12-24m and 2t last year because I just loved them.  They look like mini-Tim socks.  Don't look too closely at the pattern, you'll notice the windmill cookie remains from his after church snack.
He's kind of posed like a mannequin in this picture...

Tillie's wearing a Matilda Jane Red Smart dress that I got on craigslist a year or so ago.  This is different from other knot dresses because the straps criss-cross in the back and there's elastic in the back of the bodice for a more snug fit.  Tillie likes it because there is "GOLD!!" on the ribbon.  I like the sticks on the fabric straps.  I layered it over a pink Cherokee tee.  Tillie pinked the red flower clip.
Sheesh, she kind of looks like a mannequin too.  They both insisted on holding the balloon.

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