Monday, October 1, 2012

Posing by Bricks

We were downtown again tonight for ArtPrize to check out the UICA.  We stopped by a few brick walls on the way back to the car to take some pictures.

Teddy is wearing a gingham button-up from The Children's Place, H&M robot tee, Gap Naval Academy skinny jeans and Circo dinosaur slip-ons.  I found the shoes last week for 70% off.  They're too big, but hopefully they'll fit him soon.  Two days away from 1 and he looks like a toddler.

Tillie is wearing an Osh Kosh squirrel shirt I got on clearance at Kohl's last year, neon pink crewcuts ruffle skirt and Morgan & Milo shoes.  She didn't want to wear this shirt last week, but I didn't give her an option today.  She just looks like a preschooler to me here.

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