Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trick or Treat!

We went Trick or Treating in downtown Holland today, which was perfect since it's suppose to rain on Halloween.  I bought Teddy his Carter's dog costume at Meijer last year after Halloween at 75% off.  When I pulled out the Halloween costumer bucket I realized I didn't buy anything for Tillie.  I figured my holidays of coordinating their costumes are limited, so I wanted to keep it up while I still can.  A couple weeks ago I posted on facebook for a costume for Tillie if Teddy was going to be a dog.  My friend Katie suggested that Tillie be a lady and Teddy could be her dog.  When I gave Tillie this option it took a day, but then she proudly told anyone who asked, "I'm going to be a fancy lady and Teddy's going to be my dog."

As it turns out I bought a white faux fur size 4 coat at a thrift store when Tillie was 1.  For 99¢ I couldn't resist it for dress-up.  It's hung in the back of our coat closet ever since then.  I wanted her to wear a hat, but I didn't have one.  I kept checking Goodwill, but never found any hats other than the random ball cap.  Randomly 2 weeks ago my mom watched my kids one morning while I ran errands.  I rarely do this so I made the most of my time and stopped at 2 Goodwills.  What do you know, I found the most perfect "fancy lady hat.  It was too small for me, so I knew it would be great for Tillie.  It had a strap to hold it on her head and it was only $4.99.  When I found the navy had I decided to just let her wear the navy crewcuts dress.  It's currently her favorite item of clothing and asks to wear it whenever she sees it.  The necklaces are Gymboree and crewcuts.  Fancy ladies always have a lot of accessories, you know.  Tillie actually hates the coat, but it was cold out so she begrudgingly accepted it.

I even did her hair "fancy" using this pin I accidentally found this morning.  It would work better with longer hair, but it was still darling.

This is the second year in a row that I've picked out Teddy's costume first and coordinated Tillie to him.  Next year, if they both agree, I already have Tillie's costume.  I'm pretty sure Tillie will love it and that I'll have no problem convincing a 2 year old to be what I want him to.  You'll just have to wait a whole year to find out!

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