Thursday, November 15, 2012

"I don't like brown."

I convinced Tillie to wear this Matilda Jane Fawn dress by adding the flowered Lands' End knee highs and crewcuts multicolored necklace.  Brown is not her favorite color, so of course I have this dress in two sizes.  I bought them both super-cheap during a sale.  I originally bought a 4, but it was so big that the next time they were on sale I bought a 2.  This is the 2 and it's still too big.  It's kind of weird, but the cotton is super-soft and thick.

This was the first time I sent her to school in Matilda Jane and I was a little nervous.  I'm not really attached to this dress at all. but I still didn't want anything to happen to it.  They even went on the playground today and all is good!

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