Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Christmas Afternoon at the Gardens

It's finally time for Christmas outfits!  Today Teddy is wearing a Gap Maine sea gull body double and golden cords with his Livie & Luca elephant shoes.  Normally I would put his See Kai Run shoes with this outfit, but these are better for crawling, just in case he happened to go to nursery(ha!).  The hat totally doesn't fit right at all.  It's a 3-6m I got at a fundraiser last winter.  My kids seem to have normal head circumferences, but are more shallow than typical.  I have hats that fall on their eyes all the time.  This hat would be darling, if the brim didn't buckle so much.

Tillie's dress is the Rhapsody Tunic from Matilda Jane's winter line.  I only ordered it because I was also ordering the Birds of a Feather dress and I thought I'd be more likely to get one if I ordered something else.  I loved the Birds of a Feather dress from the first sneak peak, so ordering it for $15 was a no-brainer.  Except Matilda Jane can be ridiculous and of course it sold out in seconds.  Seriously.  The Rhapsody Tunic also sold out, so it's pretty impressive that my trunk keeper snagged it for me.  It is darling on Tillie.  The colors really suit her.  The sleeves(which Tillie insists on pushing up on all of her clothes) are too long, so next  year it should fit her like an actual tunic.  (It's a size 4.)  Tillie loves it and calls it her princess dress.  She insisted on putting her cream Circo tutu skirt under it.   She couldn't find the train in this picture, so she looks forlorn.

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Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

These outfits are perfection. I love the colors so much! The hat is really cute, too.