Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elf and a Lumberjack

You know how usually I plan my kids outfits so that they somewhat coordinate to look like they're at least going to the same type of event that day?  Today is not one of those days.

To school, Tillie wore a Deux Par Deux outfit she wore last year.  I had been thinking about how I never got a picture of it with the leggings for the blog and wondered if it still fit her.  It's size 2, but last winter she was still wearing diapers.  The leggings really aren't that short, they just got pulled up during gym and lunch.  The sleeves are long enough, but she insisted on pushing them up.  She's wearing Morgan & Milo Woodstock shoes and a crewcuts glitter clip.  This isn't a holiday outfiter per se, but it looks pretty festive when she wears it in December!

She was less than helpful when I was trying to get a picture.

Teddy stayed home and wore a Crazy 8 flannel shirt.  I think it was from a garage sale, or maybe my mom picked it up on super-clearance last winter.  He's also wearing Old Navy jeans and See Kai Run shoes.

He was willing to pose for me.

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