Friday, December 7, 2012

Green & Leaves

I saw this jumper at Goodwill this week and thought it was pretty.  Then when I pulled it off the rack I saw it was Baby Lulu!  I've always wanted something Baby Lulu for Tillie since we called her Lulu before she was born.  This dress is size 18m, but since it was only 99¢ I bought it anyway.  For kicks, I tried it on Teddy when we got home.  It looked ridiculous for two reason.  He just looks too boyish in it and it was huge!  Since it was so big, I decided to give it a whirl on Tillie.  It's too short, but there's still room for more width when she's wearing it.  We added the Gap Villa Centinale skirt for some extra length and layered it over a polka dot Cherokee tee.  For whatever reason, Tillie really loves this dress.  She was mad that I made her change out of it for our Christmas tree cutting at night.

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