Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Summer 2012 Staff Kid Shirts

Um, yes.  You read that right.  The staff kid shirts didn't come in until after we had moved home from the summer.  Because of that, I just ordered sizes that would fit the kids next summer.  Teddy's is a 2t(24m was only available in a bodysuit and I wanted a tee) and Tillie's is a 3t.  Oh, then there's the fact that they're wearing them today.  We had to take a new staff picture because the original was lost. Tillie and Teddy weren't in the first picture, so this was a bonus for me!

Teddy's is layered over a Camp acorn thermal and Tillie's wearing and Old Navy tee, crewcuts skirt and Gap Valentine tights.  W e had to find some way to girly up the boxy too big fit of the tee.

And I've now used this picture on both of my blogs and facebook.  I love it though.

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