Monday, February 11, 2013

Ruffle Tank, Hipster Boots & Messy Shirts

I picked out this crewcuts ruffle tank and red Caroline cardigan for Tillie to wear today last night.  This morning I pulled out her Old Navy 3t skinny jeans.  They're too short!  So, I tight rolled them and added boots.  I love these Circo boots, but Tillie is not a fan.  We're not going anywhere today, so it was just for the picture.  It's cute and hipstery like this.  Maybe she's wearing the ruffle tank and socks ironically?

The best part?  As soon as she was dressed she went and found a harmonica for the picture. I guess the hipster footwear rubbed off on her.

Teddy was wearing Old Navy jeans, a Carter's bodysuit and a Janie and Jack tee.  I took this picture when it was only moderately messy.  About 20 minutes later he poured a cup of juice down the front.

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