Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Every week of preschool has a theme.  This week is Dinosaur.  When I told Tillie that she said she wanted to wear a dino shirt.  Um, yeah.  Tillie's wardrobe doesn't feature many dinos.  She's never requested one before.  She then said, "Maybe Teddy has a dino shirt for me!"  I pulled out his 3t bin.  (Yeah, he has a few 3t shirts.  They're mostly crewcuts that I got so cheap I couldn't resist.)  No dinos.  2t?  No dinos.  Ah heck, 18-24?  A bodydouble from Gap.  I didn't think that would cut it.  Tillie's nest thought was, "We got Teddy a dino shirt at Kohl's!"  It's true, we did.  It's size 18m.  I humored her and let her try it on.  What do you know, an 18m Carter's unwashed boys tee will fit my nearly 4 year old daughter.  She's also wearing a crewcuts skirt and leggings with Morgan and Milo sparkle shoes.  She was so excited to show her teacher.
This picture is blurry and the shirt looks too small.  It actually fits her really well.  Apparently we only got crappy pictures before school, so here's a with flash version as well.

I think later next week I'm going to do a blog post about how inconsistent boys sizing is.  I swear, girl clothes don't vary as much.

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Cara said...

Goodness I hear you on the boy sizing! Cole has 2T sweats that fit, 3T sweats that fit, and a pair of 3T that are longer than a pair of 4T khakis I have for him! In shorts for the summer, he has 3T and 4T that we picked up. Half the 3T pairs are perfect, and half are larger than the 4T (even among the same brand and style!). Who knows what this kid will end up wearing this summer!