Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring!

And we're all in warm winter clothes.  It's just a little bit different than last year.

I thought for sure I'd already posted this Tea outfit of Tillie's, but I don't see it in the "Tea Collection" link besides the jumper on Thanksgiving.  I bought it all at a consignment sale and they were all from the same consignor.  The jumper and tee were sold separately and the leggings were part of dress/leggings set.  (Which is also not posted.  Weird.  She wore it all the time last fall!  I swear I can remember taking the picture on our front step.)  I recently bought the pink sparkly TOMS on facebook.  They're an 8 and just a little too big, but should be perfect by the time it actually warms up.  The necklace is crewcuts.

Teddy's wearing Old Navy corduroy overalls and thermal.  He hasn't worn through the knee on these yet!

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