Friday, March 22, 2013

I Love Red Shoes.

They're just the cutest thing on my little guy. I really want red TOMS for him, but I can't handle the price.  These were $1.  I can handle that.  He's wearing a Pumpkin Patch tee(Nordstrom Rack), Gap gingham button-up(Thrift Store), Old Navy jeans (with a worn-through hole, but they are almost too short now) and Crazy 8 slip-ons(Thrift Store).

Tillie's wearing a Mini-Boden striped knit bunny dress and leggings(size 3-4).  This was from the consignment sale last weekend.  It was the same consignor as the Tea outfit she wore earlier this week.  The crewcuts cardigan is size 4/5, so she'll be wearing it for a long time.  This dress would be perfect for an egg hunt!  We always do ours on Easter though.

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