Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthday Girl

A couple of months ago when Tillie and I were talking about her birthday she said, "And you're going to make me a number 4 shirt!"  I hadn't been planning on it and was hoping she'd forget about it.  No, she was very excited about a 4 shirt.

Pretty much all of her t-shirts right now are graphic tees, so we had to get a new one to sew on.  When I realized that she wasn't going to back down on the 4 tee I started looking at garage sales for something that would work, but never found anything.  Last week Old Navy had tees on sale for $5 and I had a 30% off coupon.  $3.50 seemed like an okay price!  I let Tillie pick out the shirt -- she was immediately drawn to the red and white stars.  When we got home I showed her all the knit fabric I had that would work for a 4.  Without a second guess she chose plain navy.  As soon as I started sewing it I realized how awesome this was -- it will be perfect for the 4th of July!  For her birthday we paired it with a navy ruffle crewcuts skirt and last summer's (7.5) white Stride Rite sandals.

Little Ted is wearing some 18-24m clothes that I'm not too sure about yet.  Well, the Old Navy shirt fits pretty well.  "Turtley Awesome - Just Like Dad"?  Of course I had to get it when I found it on clearance last summer.  The Mini-Boden baggies are just a little too big on him.  Maybe they just don't work on someone so short.  Here's hoping they look better by the end of the summer!  I got them at a garage sale last fall and they will match a lot.

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