Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

In the past I've had the kids wearing their Easter outfits again on Mother's Day.  Usually the long sleeves are switched to short and cardigans are left in the closet.  This Mother's Day is just as cold(if not colder!) than our early Easter this year.  Weird.

I don't like tights after Easter and I knew Tillie would complain about being cold so I ditched the idea of her Easter dress.  Instead she's wearing her 18m Matilda Jane Pearl dress as a shirt, a polka dotted Cherokee layering tee and K Bella Bambino ruffle pants.  I got the ruffle pants at a garage sale for $4 last week.  They're a 5t and I think they're suppose to be cropped pants, at least that's how they're going to end up fitting my girl.

We gave her the Cherokee necklace for her birthday.  She thinks it is so awesome because I have a teal necklace in a similar style.  "We have the same stones, Mama!"

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