Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Produce

My kids "match" today because of embroidered fruits and veggies.

Tillie's wearing a 3t Gymboree Strawberry Farm pinafore dress.  I I to have her wear it once this summer because it's so darling, but it is a little short this year.

Teddy's romper is from the Gap Peter Rabbit line.  I lucked into this romper in 18-24m on price kill for under $5.  This line was very well done and it's noticeable in little things like the carrot and radish placement. There is one perfect spaced radish on each sleeve.  They're centered throughout the rest of the romper and the whole thing is lined with soft jersey.  Ted's still a little short for it, but I think it will fit nicely come August. (And hopefully I'll get a better picture of him in it by then!)

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