Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Play Clothes

I struggle a little bit with play clothes.  I like clothes a little too much to just throw any old thing on them.  I buy a lot of clothes at thrift stores and garage sales, but I'm still picky about what I buy.  These two outfits are play clothes that "work" for me.  Well, kind of.

Teddy's outfit is actually knew, but Jumping Beans from Kohl's can be had very inexpensively if you watch for coupons and markdowns.  I got this top for $2 and my mom got the shorts for less than $4 I think.  The shorts remind me of Mini-Boden.  I got his Genuine Kids sandals on half price day at the thrift store.  Yeah, I think they were worth 50¢.

I got Tillie this Gap Coral dress at Goodwill.  Her Keen sandals wouldn't be my first choice with it, but they're perfect for Camp.  I got them for $7 from Piperlime with a referral credit earlier this spring.  She LOVES this dress.

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