Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back at Home

Ah, back at home with their entire wardrobe to choose from.  Well, from what's clean.  We have a bit of laundry to do after moving home from Camp.

Teddy's wearing a Mini-Boden tee I got from their recent end of season sale.  It was $7, plus I found a free shipping code.  It's size 18-24m, which as it usually does, runs about a full size big for my kids.  I'm sure he'll be able to wear this next spring and most likely summer too.  His 18-24m Crazy 8 skinny jeans are from Once Upon a Child's recent dollar sale.  He had these same jeans in 12-18m from the thrift store and I was happy to find them in the next size up for such a deal!  I've been wanting red TOMS for him for awhile now.  When they were available from Zulily this summer I couldn't resist!  They had them in the Spring too, so if you're interested you should sign up through the link.  They always send out a "warning" e-mail a day or two before they list them.  Today they had Hanna Andersson, so it's usually worth a look each morning.

Tillie's wearing K. Bella Bambino ruffles, a crewcuts tee and pink sparkle TOMS.

It's crazy how much cooler this summer is compared to last year!

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