Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not Quite Prepared

Last week when I culled our camp closets (so I wouldn't have to take as much home this week) it was over 90* most days. So, I brought most of the long sleeved clothes home. Whoops. (The kids and I are going home tomorrow to make a special birthday treat for Tim since he couldn't get the night off. I'll get some more warm clothes then.) This (wide) size 2 crewcuts pullover is the only non-short-sleeved item Tillie has here. She's wearing it with an Old Navy tank and reversible skirt.  The headband is Matilda Jane. I got it free in a sale order a couple years ago. (By accident it matches an Ellie top I got at a garage sale- at a non-garage sale price.)

I folded the headband in half before I put it on her.

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Jaime Fausnaugh said...

THAT is so cute, all of them are so cute. I have just been reading and reading :) I love the headband on her, my daughter wont wear a headband, or a hat...she will barely wear sunglasses :) I loved the picture above where they were sitting next to each other and they both had hats on. Cute