Monday, August 19, 2013

Late August

It's still not crazy hot, but it is getting warmer and feeling more like late summer.  Teddy's wearing an Old Navy romper I got at Goodwill.  I hadn't taken a picture of him in it yet because I wanted him to wear it to Coast Guard Festival.  It would really shine with the water as the picture backdrop.  The day we were planning on going was cold and rainy, so it didn't work out.  It's 18-24m, and too big.  Story of his life.

Tillie's wearing a size 2 Matilda Jane dress that fits her like a knot top now.  She's worn this one for years too.  Sometimes I'm super annoyed at how wide MJ things run, but sometimes it works out well!  Today we paired it with red shorties I made out of Old Navy leggings.  Her poses kill me.

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