Friday, August 30, 2013


So, it's Labor Day weekend -- it'd be crazy if they were wearing a summer outfit for the first time!  Most of the new things they've worn this month were either pulled out of a bigger size bin or just "restyled" with other pieces.  Today they're wearing outfits exactly like they've worn them this summer already.  They were still cute at the market, so I decided to take pictures anyway.

Tillie's rocking a Georgia Grace 'Simple Life' halter with homemade red shorties.  I also made the necklace.

Ted's mad that he's not eating more blueberries (or the macarons that weren't at the Market today!) so we have a pissy Ted picture.  He's wearing a Cherokee polo and Gap faded red shorts.

Also, matching tan Salt-Water surfer sandals.  It makes me smile.

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