Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Leaves

The tree across the street is always one of the first trees to change color.  And, it's always my favorite red leaves.  I made Tillie walk over there for the pictures today, but she was a little wary about standing in the street.  She's wearing two Matilda Jane items from last year's holiday line.  I bought them used for a good deal off of original price.  The Birds of a Feather lap is a 2, but fits pretty well except being too short to wear on it's own.  The Indigo Crop Leggings are a 4 and will match the Rhapsody tunic she still has from last year.  I guess it's technically a Christmas dress, but it seems more fall/winter to me.  I recently got her the sparkle elastic headband and she thought it was funny that it matched her shoes.  It was from a local craft fair and has a loop to attach a clippy to.

Teddy is wearing crewcuts chinos I got at a garage sale and a Carter's gingham button-up with his red TOMS.  He was totally into the photoshoot this morning.

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