Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Preschool Open House

Tillie got a mini-version of 4 year old preschool today.  She thought it was too short with not enough playing time.

She wore her crewcuts cropped denim(3y -- I still can't believe I got these at Goodwill.  I LOVE them on her.) and sequin heart tee.  We bought these pink maryjane TOMS at Nordstrom Rack this summer and I made her save them for school.  She was so excited when I finally cut the tags off today.  She's been dying to wear them.  I wasn't planning on getting her a new backpack this year, but I got this SkipHop giraffe one for free last spring with Piperlime credits.  It seems like everyone has the owl backpack, so I like that she has something a little different now.

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