Monday, September 23, 2013

World Rhino Day!

This summer when we went to Naartjie Tillie picked out this shirt for Teddy.  She liked it because it looked like "badges".  The center circle says "22 Sept World Rhino Day".  Yesterday we went to church, so it wasn't the best day for the tee so we pulled it out today.  World Rhino Day is actually a thing.  He's wearing it over a light blue Zara tee, Crazy 8 skinny jeans and red TOMS.  No, we didn't comb his hair this morning.  Yes, I'm hoping to get it cut next week.

Tillie's wearing a Mini-Boden butterfly tee I got for $2.50 at a JBF sale.  I got the near match Mini-Boden striped velour pants for $4 at the All About Kids sale the same day.  I didn't expect that they would be so short on her.  Hopefully she gets one or two more wears at school before they get too short and are relegated to home.  I layered it over a white Cherokee tee.

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