Tuesday, December 17, 2013

9 Days Til Boxing Day!

When I bought this crewcuts tee I thought it would be fun to wear on December 9, because it looks festive. Of course, she was requested to "Wear purple" on that day of preschool. I rearranged my plans and figured she could wear it the 16th, when there are 9 days until Christmas. Then yesterday we all got up late, I forgot, and she wore the reindeer jumper.

Well, hey!  Let's celebrate that there are only 9 days until Boxing Day!  She's also wearing a Cherokee tutu and crewcuts gold sparkle flats.  The shoes are a 10 and too big, but we were staying home today so she just wore them for the photo.

Teddy's wearing his favorite shirt, a Gap firetruck tee.  I put a green and navy plaid shirt from The Children's place under it so the red and green make it "festive.

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