Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beach Day

I'm thinking that when Tillie's preschool teachers planned for a beach day on March 26 they didn't expect it to be quite this cold out.  We just layered her up for the car ride(BabyLegs, cardigan, snow boots) and took it off at school.  She's wearing a crewcuts surfboard tee with neon shorts.  I got the shorts at the end of last summer super-cheap.  I didn't know if I had any matches for them, but they were basically cheaper than a garage sale so I thought they'd be great for Camp.  What do you know but the orange is the same as the stars on this shirt!  Her flip-flop and clip are crewcuts as well.
She wanted to wear her bathing suit, but I insisted on shorts and a shirt.  She then insisted on taking it to school because her teacher would want to see it.  When we got to school three other girls in her class were wearing bathing suits.  Didn't see that coming!  I, however, was not too surprised when I picked Tillie up and her shorts were in her backpack, but her bathing suit was not.  Girlfriend switched half-way through the day.

Teddy also insisted on wearing summer clothes.  I pulled out some turtle shorts from last summer, but he insisted on anchors, so I dug deeper in the bin for some.  (Sheesh, my kids had a lot of opinions on their clothes today!)  I still love this Gap Cannes outfit and it should fit him this whole summer again.

Ted stayed home with Grandma.  He about fell over laughing when she took her coat off and was wearing a cardigan covered with anchors.


Jodi Minervino said...

these outfits are making me so excited for warm weather! :-)

Amber Leugs said...

Me too! It was so much to pick through so many outfits!