Friday, March 14, 2014

Boats & Waves

There's an ocean theme at preschool this week, so we decided to go with that today.  Tillie is wearing a crewcuts porthole tee over a white Cherokee layering tee.  Her coral cord skirt is Lands' End.  She wore her blue Converse to school since it was gym day.  And, since it's going to be 50* today we went with bare legs -- because we could!

Teddy is wearing a crewcuts boat tee over his new fire truck tee.  He wasn't too happy about covering the fire truck up, but he was won over when I told him the boat matched Tillie.  His jeans are Gap and his gray slip-ons are Circo. (I think he's actually moving into size 6 shoes now!)

This shirt has print on the back too.  That always makes me happy.

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