Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Sister & Hand-Me-Downs

This purple Carter's sunsuit was Tillie's and now Bea gets to wear it.  I hope she doesn't mind hand-me-downs, because she's going to have a ton of them!  I layered it over a long sleeve Carter's bodysuit and added polka dot BabyLegs(from my cousin Cara!).  Her headband is from Dear Grace and Parker.  A lot of my newborn clothes are either too short for Beatrix or not seasonally appropriate, so we have get creative.  I think it ended up darling!

This is the Carter's t-shirt Tillie wore to the hospital to meet Beatrix.  She's pretty proud of it, and if you ask her what it says she adds "EVER" at the end.  Her skirt is crewcuts and the leggings are Hanna Andersson.  At school she wore her red/coral TOMS mary janes.

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